Unwanted six-legged puppy named Roo is finally, adopted by a bullied teen and now they are best-friends

The topic of bullying is very acute nowadays in many countries.

And to become a victim of it means to become an outcast and find yourself in a real social vacuum.


British teenager Luke Salmon felt it.

The guy has psoriasis, and this became the reason for bullying and mockery from classmates, and then other students of the school.

He had no friends, and no-one even expressed a desire to communicate.

Luke suffered a lot.

His illness was already causing a lot of trouble, and peer bullying made life unbearable.

But, fortunately, fate has prepared a pleasant surprise for him in the form of a friend.


Luke dreamed of a dog, and often looked through the ads.

So he saw a photo of an unusual pet, which was given away for free due to the presence of physiological features.

The guy’s parents agreed to take the dog, and they paid off.

Luke named the pet Roo, and loved him very much, despite the fact that the dog had not four, but as many as six paws, and moved in a very-funny way.


Roo 8-month-old dog that has been borne with 6 legs. Orpington, Kent 7th August 2019 . See National News story NNpuppy. A super,cute puppy was named after a kangaroo because she hops around on her back paws , despite being born with SIX legs. Roo, an eight-week-old Labrador-cross, jumps around on her back paws because she was born with two extra front legs, that cause her a little trouble when she walks. Lauren Salmon, 33, from Orpington, Kent, bought Roo from breeders in Essex two weeks ago after her son Luke, 15, spotted the special pup online. Lauren has now contacted Dr Noel Fitzpatrick / the specialist who stars in Channel 4’s ‘The Supervet’ / to see if he can help to improve Roo’s mobility, because her extra legs get in the way when she’s walking.

The veterinarian, having examined Roo, confirmed that the pet, was healthy. And that an extra pair of paws did not interfere with its normal functioning in any way.

Roo and Luke have become best friends. And this friendship has become really very important to the boy.

He finally felt needed and not alone.


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